How to survive a horror movie

Once upon a time, my father the film professor wrote an academic research article analyzing the behavior of horror movie victims in the light of Darwinian theory. He titled it, “Don’t Do That, You Twit!”

It got published. In an academic journal.

As I was the biggest…

News organizations are doing incredibly valuable work, almost entirely unappreciated by the public that benefits from them.

It’s awards season, and as usual I am flabbergasted by the enormous array of investigative work done by news reporters and how little the public realizes they benefit from them. Time after time…

As a distraction from the ongoing drama of the election, we could talk about something almost as controversial: Nanowrimo.

In case you’re one of those blessed not to know anything about Nano, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. It started sometime in the early 2000s as a challenge to…

A man walks up to a couple exiting a movie theater. “What happened in the movie?” he asks. These poor people, being of uncommon patience and immune to weirdness, spend the next 20 minutes explaining the entire plot of the movie and answering his every question. “Thanks!” the man says…

My grandparents always took a walk every evening after dinner.

It was their habit, something their doctors had told them was a good idea for exercise, for flexibility and staying mobile. Every evening, when dinner was over, they would go for a walk of maybe 20 minutes around the neighborhoods…

Let’s see if you can mark off the bingo card with me.

“To our family of customers…“

“We are committed to your safety…”

“We are monitoring the situation…”

“We are increasing the frequency of our cleaning process…”

“We are encouraging employees who are sick to stay home…”

Was there a…

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